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Estonian Educational Society

The New York Estonian Educational Society was born on December 7, 1929. A meeting of the various local Estonian organizations was convened to unify the Estonians in New York. 77 members were present, and the “Unified Estonian Organization” was created.
Since then, the Society has served as the center and focal point of Estonian activity in New York.
Explore our website, check out our events and let us welcome you to the House in the near future.
New York Estonian House Lobby


The New York Estonian Educational Society has a 9-member Board of Directors. ABOUT US page you can see all information and contacts with Board.


We are a 501(c)(3) organization.  All donations and membership dues are tax deductible. You can download all FORMS here.

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On the EVENTS page you can see  all upcoming events and news from our Kitchen.


The NY Estonian House is the ideal venue for any type of event or celebration including business meetings, holiday parties, film or photo shoots, recitals and birthday parties. RENT OUT here.

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Below this section you can see all Estonian House organizations' information and contact info.

member rights
House and Bar Visitation
Thursday 5PM - 12PM
Buy from the bar „HAPPY HOUR“
5PM - 7PM.
Use of House rooms for private events at lower price.
Access to House events.
Organize events.  
Participate in the work of societies.
Children's attendance at Estonian School. Guests may attend with Members. Become a member application download here.
Membership dues
$60.00  Full - Individual
$100.00  Full – Couple
(+ children 14-17)
$35.00  Full - Senior (65+)
$35.00  Student (18-22) 
$60.00 Associate (all ages)

NYEES has right to change prices.
support us
Thank you for believing in the New York Estonian House and its mission.
Together, we can create an even stronger community. With your donations, the NYEES can continue to keep the New York Estonian House alive -a place for Estonians from the world over who visit New York, as well as our local Estonians.
We hope you feel inspired to give a gift today. We are a 501(c)(3) organization.  All donations and membership dues are tax deductible.


There is enough space for all clubs and activities under the roof of the Estonian house.
If you like something - do something!

Folk Dance

Saare Vikat practice at the New York Estonian House
Grupijuht Liisi V. Fletcher

Mixed Choir

Practicing every Thursday from 6:30-8:30PM
President Eha Brownell


Hea tuju hoiab vaimu värske.Jagame tervisenõu ja -nippe, vahetame reisi muljeid koos tassi kohvi või teega.
Kirjuta või helista meile: 212 684 0336

Estonians school

Eesti Maja Eesti Kool. Lapsed kogunevad igal teisel laupäeval Eesti Majja eesti keele ja  ajaloo õppeks. Peale Eesti Kooli tegutseb malering, mida juhatab Siim VanaseljaE-mail:
Eesti Kool informatsiooni loe ka


“Viiking” New Yorgi Eesti Skautlipkond.
Kogunevad koolipäevadel.
Kontaktisikud: Skj Elmar Vaher E-mail:
Skj Kaarel LaevE-mail:

Girl guides

New Yorgi Eesti Gaid lipkond Kogunevad koolipäevadel.
“Linnutee”Juht: Ngdr Karin AshfordE-mail: Abijuht: Gdj. Ilomai KurrikE-mail:

Come to visit us

The Estonian House is a private members-only facility. It is a private club. Members of the Estonian Educational Society and their accompanied friends only may use the facilities. Members may bring up to five friends to the NY Estonian House. Membership applications for prospective renters are available by telephone, e-mail or on our website. The building is not wheelchair accessible and has no elevator.
Come and enjoy home cooked Estonian food!
Always fresh and delicious!
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Estonian Music
Always good service!
Thursdays 5PM- 11PM
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Is there some special project or event happening at the Estonian House? Look here, perhaps you will find something of interest.

Upcoming EVENTS

Please let us know if you’re planning to come by emailing at email:

That was only possible thanks to our memberships and our donors.
Let's continue to keep the Estonian spirit alive and thriving while also welcoming friends of Estonia.

Photo Gallery

Memories in pictures and videos.

We have catalogued photos of Estonian House events since 2005 on this webpage, and would like to expand our photogallery.
If you have pictures of any Estonian House events, from past years or the present, send them here.
You can save any of the photos if you like, but if you use them for media publication, please include author(s) Information. Thanks for your contribution!

Event rentals

The NY Estonian House is the ideal venue for any type of event or celebration including business meetings, holiday parties, film or photo shoots, recitals and birthday parties.

Estonian House

Find more information about Estonian House rooms rental with plans, pictures and prices.
Rooms Rental at the Estonian House
You can rent from us:
  • Great Hall
  • Blue Hall
  • Fireplace Room
  • Café and Bar
  • Kitchen
  • Lobby
  • Ernst Jaakson Room
  • Entire House

House members have premises rental rates lower. Ask for discounts.

You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the PDF forms.


Quotes from the  Estonian House Questbook.

Uskumatu, kui elav eestlus USAs on! Olge sama tublid edasi ja ärge unustage kodumaad!

- Sander Sillamäe


Nii tore, et lõpuks siia jõudsin! Hubane ja armas atmosfäär! Jõudsin Eestimaa südamest! Hoidke seda imelist paika!

- Kristi ja Jedi

7.veebr 2020

Mis on kodu, kus on kodu, mis on kodukoht? Siin on kindlasti üks hubane Eesti kodu. Aitäh kogu külalislahkuse eest! Palju indu edaspidiseks!

- Maili Koorep (Tartust)  


This place is awesome! Thank you for having us! I look forward to seeing you again!

- Desi

Selle maja seintest õhtub väärikat ajalugu. Selle maja inimestest kiirgab siirast huvi ja sooja sõbralikkust. Nautisime Eesti Majas vastuvõttu, mida austasid oma kohalolekuga Eesti Vabariigi peaminister Jüri Ratas, haridus- ja teadusminister Mailis Reps ja paljud teised Eesti elu edendajad. Aitäh ilusa õhtu eest!

- Rello Veinthal Tallinna Tehnikaülikooli teadusprorektor


Soe Ameerikalik vastuvõtt, aga eesti keeles. Aitäh!

- Perekond Maikalud Põltsamaalt

Veebruar 2020

A very festive and joyous night at the most beautiful of venues.

- Oliver Spencer

Dec 5, 2020

Suur - suur aitäh kostitamast. Oli väga tore ja inspireeriv olla siin. Maja on ilus, inimesed imelised. Tuleme kindlasti veel tagasi.

- Improteater Impeerium Raivo Kaibiainen Tarvo Krall, Maarius Pärn, Erki Aule

1. veebr 2020

New York Adventure Club loves the Estonian House!  

- New York Adventure Club

Alati head mälestused siin!

- Markus Kitsing

Eesti Maja re-opens! It’s been 6 ½ long months. A Le Coq time!  

- A Oct 1, 2020

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Estonian Educational Society (the New York Estonian House) is a volunteer organization whose goal is to further the Estonian culture in New York, and be a meeting place for Estonians from around the world. We are unable to provide help regarding accommodations, employment or funding of projects.